pühapäev, 14. juuni 2020


Hello dear readers,
This weekend I visited the 'Paradise on Earth'' aka Tegernsee.

The Tegernsee is a lake in the Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany. The lake is the centre of a popular recreation area 50 kilometres south-east of Munich.

The lake is some 6.5 kilometres in length, with a width of 1.4 kilometres and an area of 8.934 square kilometres.

The lake is surrounded by many mountains, one of them - the "Wallberg" I also visit.
We went hiking there and the view and the nature was really impressive and so so beautiful.
The Mountain is 1722 meters high but we take a short hiking route with only 600m up through the beautiful bavarian nature.

In my video I also show you some impressions about one boat trip on the lake what I make and about the hiking route and some really nice views.

If you ever have the chance to go to Germany and you stay near Munich you should go and come to visit the Tegernsee Lake with all the beautiful sides. :)

Its really like ''Paradies on Earth''.
Have fun watching and enjoy!

pühapäev, 7. juuni 2020


Hi Everybody,

Lots of driving fun, intensive training sessions and a good atmosphere: all of this was waiting for me today when I visited the Porsche Trackday in Leipzig.

As an introduction to driver training, the 30 participants met for guided driving with an instructor. All participants were able to directly apply what they learned during free driving in the afternoon and push their Porsche to its limits on the demanding route. I had the opportunity to ride as a passenger with a Porsche 911 GT3 and MClaren.
It was an incredibly great, adrenaline-charged and special experience which I will not forget!

Hope to visit them next time!

Thank you and see you, Porsche!